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Sundays:Holy Mass: 6 am, 7.15 am, 10 am, 4.15 pm
 Weekdays: Holy Mass: 6 am, 7 am
Saturdays:: Holy Mass:-6 am,7 am, 10 am Holy Mass and Novena.
Second Sat: 10 am Proclamation of the Word of God, 11 am Holy Mass and Novena 




  1. Ordinary Mass
    Rs.100 Pay Online
  2. Solemn Mass (Koodu Thurannu Qurbana)
    Rs.150 Pay Online
  3. Gregorian Qurbana
    Rs.4000 Pay Online
  4. Novena
    Rs.50 Pay Online
  5. Intercessory Prayer
    Rs.20 Pay Online
  6. Oottu ( Adults)
    Rs.400 Pay Online
  7. Oottu ( Children )
    Rs.300 Pay Online
  8. Adima
    Rs.20 Pay Online
  9. Other Offerings
    Rs.20 Pay Online
  10. Vicar’s Charity Fund (welfare fund)(any amount)
    Rs.   Pay Online
  11. Thirunal Share
    Rs.3000 Pay Online